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Diploma in Phycology & Counselling

Psychology is the study of the mind and body interaction with all its complexities involved in our behavioral, emotional and thought processes. The discipline of Psychology explores every aspect of human behavior within a scientific framework using statistical data and understanding experiences within the context of their daily life.

A Diploma in Counselling is the first step towards becoming a professional Psychologist, whether it is in the field of Educational, Occupational, Counselling, Health or Clinical Psychology. A Counselling diploma is also relevant to a wide range of other professions such as social work, education, human resource management, consumer research, and advertising. Golden college city campus strives to assimilate scientific practice and research to applications within the Sri Lankan context.

Our Campus is currently in the process of developing a set of unique counselling ethics. We also intend to offer short courses aimed at developing theoretical and practical skills in counselling. These would include, training in various psychological therapies such as mindfulness-based practices, motivational interviewing and personal development courses such as goal setting, positive thinking and stress management. Our aim is to provide a supportive learning environment for all individuals interested in developing skills that will help advance their career prospects both within and beyond Psychology.