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Advanced Network Administration

Industries across the career spectrum and around the world depend on computer networking to keep employees connected and business flowing. And these networks need administrators - hard-working men and women who know their way around a computer and aren't afraid to take a hands-on approach to troubleshooting.

Though network administration isn't for everyone, it offers plenty of rewarding - and profitable - challenges for those who can soak up technical knowledge and put it to practical use.

Course Structure

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Windows 2008 Network Security Design
  • Designing a Windows 2008 networking infrastructure
  • Active Directory Services and DNS
  • Disk Management and File Systems
  • Group Accounts and Printer Administration
  • Network Protocols and Network Services
  • RRAS, Security, Reliability Features
  • Wireless Networking
  • Broadband Communication Techniques using ADSL and 4G
  • Introduction to Wireless Networking

Daily responsibilities may include:

  • Installing & supporting an organization’s network system
  • Monitoring the network to ensure availability to all system users
  • Examining website functions to ensure optimal performance
  • Maintaining system security & telecommunication networks