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Business Management

Are decision-making and problem-solving skills your forte? Do you thrive on seeing daily operations running smoothly? If you answered yes to these questions, then a Diploma in Business Management could be your stepping stone to obtaining your dream job.

Business Management refers to the activities associated with running a company, such as controlling, leading, monitoring, organizing and planning. This prepares you for a career in a business management environment where you will be able to perform business-related activities as well as management duties effectively. You will cover a diverse range of modules like Business Communication, Financial Accounting, Principles of Marketing, Human Resources and Project Management, just to name a few.

This comprehensive and versatile qualification will open doors to unlimited career opportunities. As a qualified business professional, you will not only be equipped with the foundation to becoming an entrepreneur, you will also gain an advantage among competition so that you can climb that corporate ladder and reach your career goals.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to Management
    • Definitions of Management
    • Concept of Management
    • Type of Manager
    • Managerial Skills
    • Roles of Manager
    • Marking Decisions
    • Organizational Environment
  • Function of Management
    • Planning
    • Organizing
    • Leadership
    • Staffing
    • Controlling
  • Introduction to Marketing Management
    • Core Marketing Concept
    • Marketing philosophies
    • Marketing Environment
    • Marketing Process
    • Marketing behaviors
    • Market Segmentation and Marketing
  • Introduction to Financial Management
    • Financial Management and Objective
    • Working Capital Management
    • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Managerial Trends
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Globalization
    • Knowledge Management