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Diploma in Psychology

Human behaviors are unique and complex. This Diploma in Psychology aims to provide learners with a fundamental knowledge in psychology, human behavior and mental processes. Besides that, the programme is meant to prepare graduates to further their study in Psychology.

The course is designed for freshers to become professionally trained in theories, knowledge, skill and methods in psychology. The Diploma holders will be prepared for work in welfare agencies, rehabilitation centers, community centers, government organization, NGO’s organizations and private sector companies. The students are trained to be progressive, innovative, creative and efficient in problem solving, decision making and client management. They are also expected to understand and demonstrate sensitivities and responsibilities towards religion, community, culture and environment by ethical principles and professional code of conduct of the psychologist profession. The programme objective is to produce graduates who have a comprehensive understanding of the principles of human minds and behaviors and who are able to apply these principles in dealing with the human taught, behavior & emotions and enhancing human potentials in community or workplace.

Candidates who complete the Diploma in Psychology and wish to pursue further study are eligible to apply for the Advanced Diploma in Psychology and counseling programme at Golden College.