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Our Facilities

Golden College offers outstanding facilities for student learning. These facilities create a great sense of purpose and pride for all members of our learning community and help bring out the best in all our students and staff. Our outstanding facilities include: A/C Informatic Labs, Hi-Tec Classrooms with Projectors, Experimental Labs (separate for Construction management & Technical Programs e.g.: Mobile phone repairing labs etc.…), Library and Resource Centre, Information Technology Centre, outdoor learning area, hospitality kitchen, Electro repair workshop. Our buildings are connected to a high powered wireless network that enables students to access state of the art eLearning throughout the college. These facilities have an exemplary sustainability design with high security.

  1. Computer Labs & IT Infrastructure
  2. Experimental Labs
  3. Hostel Facilities
  4. Student Recreation Areas
  5. Library Facilities

Computer Labs & IT Infrastructure

Golden College’s IT infrastructure is what you should expect from a college for the 21st Century. The academic buildings feature fully networked classrooms that will allow professors and students to use the latest instructional technologies as part of the learning process. The design is flexible enough so that new technologies can be incorporated as they develop. College also runs with wi-fi Connections both for students and staffs.

Experimental Labs

Golden College has high ended experimental labs in the field of technical and hospitality fields. they are;

1. Mobile Phone Repairing Labs

We do have specialized labs labs for Mobile phone repairing courses which makes them a real team player in studying while getting an active environment like the same where the industry calls them for career. We do have all tools and equipment’s used for specialized experiments on mobiles and electronics. we Do poses Lecturers with high caliber industrial experience who could deliver programs in both international and local languages.

2. Construction Management Labs

Golden College has separate Labs for Construction management studies with computers running latest software’s for Auto Designs & for Draftsmanship’s. we do poses separate internet access to C.M Students at G.C. We too intake site visits on top Leading projects to entertain and knowledge the students for real life work practice as a part of the program.

Hostel Facilities

Separate hostel facilities are provided for Boys and Girls in the college campus. It has adequate high security and good discipline. The students who are not staying with the parents shall reside in the college hostel as per college rules.

Student Recreation Areas

Our facilities include the Student Recreation area offering many different amenities and services to students to relax and to interact with each other.

Library Facilities

The Golden College’s library aims at providing access to its printed resources such as books and journals as well as electronic journals and online databases primarily for the use of faculty and staff at GC.