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Our Partners

We have physically powerful and qualified lecture panels that are adoptive to the current educational market. Since from the startup of this college we have merged our hands with University Grants Commission, through ABEUK, TOEIC and TCSD collaboratively with TVEC.



As a recognised UK awarding organisation, regulated by Ofqual, Qualifi is able to give assurances to employers, centres and learners of consistent, rigorous, quality standards and valid, valued learning. Whether you’re a learner or an employer, competition today is intense. Organisations around the globe are seeking knowledgeable, highly skilled and productive employees.

Qualifi qualifications provide both learners and employers the recognition of competency that can build employee careers and global enterprises. And our qualifications combine UK standards with relevant international content, so learners can achieve their full potential in today’s global economy.

  • UK Regulated Awarding Organisation (Ofqual Recognition RN5160)
  • Rigorous and consistent assessment standards
  • Regulated and bespoke qualifications
  • International scope
  • Vocational training and University degree pathways
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TOEIC test questions simulate real-life situations that are relevant to the global workplace. Score reports provide accurate, meaningful feedback about a test-taker's strengths and weaknesses, along with a description of the English-language strengths typical of test-takers performing at various score levels. This allows employers to:

  • Relate test scores to the tasks employees may perform on the job
  • Use the descriptions to inform critical hiring and placement decisions
  • Select the employee with the English-language abilities the job requires

Additionally, ETS's ongoing research helps ensure that the TOEIC tests are accurate and relevant to today's changing global workplace, which helps internationally competitive companies hire, place and promote the right candidates year after year.

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TCSD Computer Education & EDFOCUS Self-employment training

TCSD &EDFOCUS are ISO 9001:2008 certified organization which has more than 250 study centers in India. Their ventures are run under KALAM EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST, recognized under TN Public trust act with the registered number 102/08 in India. Their service has established in the year of 2008 with a sole objective of importing high standardized education to rural and urban students. We Golden College have collaborated with TCSD & EDFOCUS since from February 2014 “as a Sri Lankan head center to issue ISO standardized certificates to add more values to our student’s academic career.”

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EdHat International

EdHat International is one of the leading UK based academic organisations providing quality academic qualifications for national and international students who are aspiring to complete their school and university level qualification with a top-up degree in one of the EdHat International Global Partner Universities or in a campus of the corresponding university locally or in another country with an assured academic advancement.

EdHat International programmes are delivered through a network of accredited partner institutions and colleges. By working only with accredited partner institutions, EdHat ensures to deliver exceptionally high academic standards in its qualifications. The EdHat quality control board monitors and evaluates the teaching staff, learning methods, facilities, resources, the academic and pastoral support extended to students and the facilities of each accredited centre.

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