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Advisory Board

The Golden college Sri-Lanka Advisory Board consists of leaders, scholars, and innovators from around the country. In addition to advocating for the college, the board will advise and guide the dean on major issues in the college, future directions for the college, and fundraising efforts. Advisory Board members provide expertise, advice, and guidance on academic programming either to the college as a whole or to individual department. This helps ensure our curricula remain relevant and rigorous. Advisory Board members also interact with GC students as mentors and as guest speakers in classes and provide internship and job opportunities to our students.

Mr.A.M.M. Zulfikkar Ali
Mr. A.M.M. Zulfikkar Ali

Operations Management Advisory

"Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them."
Chairman & Managing Director of Emerald Ladies College Madawala. With Proven excellence of fifteen years of Management operational experience.

Mr.A.M.M. Zulfikkar Ali
Mr. Azmin Marikkar

Finance Advisory

"I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us."
Politician & Legal Advisor with 20 Plus years of experience in the political sector in kandy.

Mr. Inudeen

Techno and Student Welfare Advisory

"Let Good Education give feathers to dreamers to fly high on their dreams."
Director Hi-Tec College & a Leading IELTS Lecturer with 23 years of experience in the education sector.

Mr.Stanly Perera
Mr. Stanly Perera

Marketing & Risk Management Advisory

"Business people need to understand the psychology of risk more than the mathematics of risk."
Chairman & the Managing Director of Life Academy Wattegama and and senior Management Lecturer for last 10 Years.

Mr.Mirak Farook
Mr. Mirak Farook

Course Director and Program Advisory

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."
Lecturer in Islamic Finance and Banking with Leading Industrial experience more than 10 Years.

Mr.Rijaz Rafi
Mr. Rijaz Rafi

Academic, Research and International Unit Advisory

"Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation."
Chairman New Gen Consultancies, a university Lecture on Business Management and an education consultant with 5 Plus years of experience in the industry.