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What is Bachelor Degree?

Bachelor’s degrees are the most common degrees sought by college-bound students. They are also known as a baccalaureate degree. These undergraduate degrees are available in a variety of fields. Bachelor’s degrees are typically earned in Three to four years of full-time study.

Graduates who earn their baccalaureate degree can move directly into a career or attend graduate school and earn a master’s degree or doctorate. In either case, bachelor’s degrees are the key that unlocks the door to a world of career options and development.

In today’s career field, having a bachelor’s degree is nearly a necessity to land a solid job with any possibility for advancement. Here are also some other benefits that a bachelor’s degree offers.

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Our Degree Programs


On a successful completion of this degree program the students are awarded the B.Ed. in Early Childhood and Primary Education. B.Ed. in English, B.Sc. in Business Administration and B.Sc. in Computer Science Degrees etc from the Mariano Galvez University of Guatemala, IIC University of Technology of Combodia or Metropolitan University of Monterrey - Mexico City.


  • University of Grants Commission
  • International Association of Universities
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities