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Teacher Training Program

Our Teacher Training Program designed for experienced teachers and who are seeking credentials to become a Montessori teacher or a preschool teacher who can guide the children for a better future. Not only to be equipped as teacher, but also to be a best parent and a responsible adult. We have been functioning as a highly effective training academy for the past five years and have produced many certificate and diploma holders under our wings. Accepted TVEC, UGC approved IPEES UK Certificates will be given.

Montessori Education

The Association Montessori Internationale accredits training centers throughout the world. Our college also offers Montessori Method with AMI curriculum that is internationally recognized and throughout the period we will be providing the best with classroom practical.

Course Structure

  • Practical life - Activities are based on Development of gross and fine motor skills.
  • Sensorial - Activities are based on vision, tactile, olfactory, gustatory and auditory development.
  • Language - Pink scheme, blue scheme, green scheme and phonics approach.
  • Mathematic - Numerals, decimal system, Linear & skip counting, tables of arithmetic.
  • Cultural - Geography, astronomy, science, botany, zoology, and history.

Preschool Education

During this period we will provide you a teaching practice as an offer. During the course students will be placed in one school to experience teaching at Montessori or Nursery. The students will work with an experienced teacher at the beginning and then gradually be responsible to undertake teaching for two months. The students will be planning lessons and implement in the classroom. They will be assessed continually based on strengths and weakness in planning teaching, assessing and managing the classroom.

Course Structure

  • The concept of early childcare and education
  • Principals of preschool education
  • Development of language skills
  • Creative aesthetic education and development of manipulative skills
  • Development of mathematical skills
  • Exploration of the environment
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Planning of meals
  • Awareness regarding co-existing habits and values
  • Eco friendly
  • Lesson planning.
  • Classroom management
  • Teaching practice

Child psychology

A teacher is expected to be well equipped with certain subjects that shape and sharpen her in her career. She who designs the future of the country through the dough she handles should have a thorough knowledge on her subject. Further she should have a sound knowledge on Child Psychology and Methods of Teaching in order to cut and polish the gems she handles. Child Psychology, the steering wheel of pre-school education directs the teacher towards success in understanding, helping, accepting and appreciating her students and also helps them to be themselves.

Course Structure

  • What is psychology?
  • Why psychology is important to preschool and Montessori teachers.
  • The study of child behavior
  • Personal Development / Child Development
  • Heredity and Environment
  • Child Development stages
  • Gean Piaget theory
  • Parenting / Temperaments
  • Problems of child Studies
  • Case studies
  • Absorbent mind and sensitive periods.
  • Class room management / Teaching skills