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Islamic Banking and Finance Training

Islamic Banking and Finance, is in great demand around the world and is one of the fastest growing sectors in financial market. Having seen huge demand in this sector most countries around the world have expanded Islamic banking services, which in turn have created great job opportunities in this field.

Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance

Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance Program aims to meet the requirements of individuals who wish to improve their understanding of key Islamic banking and finance concepts and practices that will have significant impact on their work. This program gives you the operational aspect of Islamic banking institution and to operate to fulfill the financing requirements of the customers as well as the investment. You will be able to develop critical thinking and understand the challenges of the financial markets and continuously enhance your knowledge and skills.

Advanced Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance

As a result of growth of the Islamic banking and finance industry, there is a continuous critical need for banking professionals who are grounded in their understanding of the substance and form of Islamic Finance. The ADIBF offers a qualification addressing the needs of both Islamic and conventional financial institutions providing Islamic banking services and products. The Advanced Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance targets the participants who have already passed the exam of the Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance, and obtained the certificate of qualification with a success rate ranging between 50 % and 74 % or those Passed with a success rate exceeding 75 % in the Diploma program and also to enhance career opportunities for those who are already in the banking sector. The ADIBF emphasizes on the practical aspects of Islamic banking and finance while providing a fair grounding of the jurisprudential foundations of Islamic banking.

Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance

The program is designed as a preparatory step towards a professional Master’s degree program in Islamic Banking and Finance (MIBF). The program is meant for both would-be and current practitioners in the banking and finance industry who wish to improve their understanding of key concepts and practices on Islamic banking and finance that may add significant value to their work. The program is available part time basis, and is run for a minimum of one full year of academic session.


  • To provide opportunity for individuals with relevant working experience to acquire knowledge and training for a career in Islamic banking and finance.
  • To train executives in the banking and finance industry desiring specialization in Islamic banking and finance, in order to assist in expanding the banking and finance industry.
  • To provide opportunity for fresh graduates in related disciplines to acquire necessary skills in Islamic banking and finance in order to prepare them to enter into the job market in Islamic banking and finance.