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AC & Refrigeration Repairing

Refrigeration and air-conditioning is used to cool products or a building environment. The refrigeration or air-conditioning is a system that transfers heat from a cooler reservoir to warm reservoir. Because of the global warming every nook and corner in the world a refrigerator and an air- conditioning equipment is being used. One who selects the above trade can become an all-rounder, he is eligible to work in several field because he learns more in the field. The above field offers more job opportunities in Sri Lanka as well as in foreign countries

About this Course

There is no age limit for a person who seeks knowledge!
Especially students after O/l and A/L can learn and gain enough practical and theory knowledge. Since the classes is done in an environment where it is focused mainly on 100% practical and theory and students will also be taught house wiring for free which costs quite large fee when done separately in other intuitions.

We enroll only six students per batch.

About the Lecturer

Done by a well-qualified lecturer with more than 25 years of experience in government sector and private sector locally and internationally.

Course Structure

  • introduction to basic fundamental and refrigeration principles.
  • Repairing of Refrigeration & Air- conditioning equipment and repairing electrical system
  • Brazing, welding and bendingĀ  in refrigeration and air- conditioning (copper, steel and aluminum tubes)
  • Handling tools and instruments (clamp testers, digital and analog etc.)
  • Trouble shooting in the fields of refrigeration and air- conditioning
  • Leak testing, evacuation and charging refrigerant to the system
  • Installation of room A/C and split type A/C and how to pump down the system etc..
  • Identifying the components in the refrigeration and air- conditioning system
  • Refrigerant recovery unit and the purpose of usage
  • Electrical wiring of refrigerators and air- conditioning
  • Identifying the wires in the motors and giving proper connections including capacitors.
  • Basic electronics and function of relays and different types of switches
  • Safety regulation.


  • 168 hours