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What is ABE?

The Association of Business Executives (ABE) is a professional membership body and an Examination Board based in UK.

ABE has Revised the qualification Portfolio to new levels to meet the challenges in the Modern Hyper Complex Business world. With new ABE Level 5, you can proceed to the Final year of Bachelors’ Degree. The study resources; supporting online materials and the very new student portal are all very exciting. The student Portal is fast, user friendly and mobile accessible.

ABE offer a range of business qualifications that meet the learning needs of students like you, worldwide. These professional qualifications are designed to meet the requirements of employers and business organizations.

You may be either already in employment and wish to further your career by studying for a professional qualification, or alternatively, you may wish to follow the ABE fast-track route to a university degree. Or if you wish to start up your own business, studying for ABE’s new Diploma in Business Start-up and Entrepreneurship can help you achieve this.

ABE 2017 Qualifications Framework for Business Management & Professional Streams

ABE 2017 Qualifications Framework for Business Management

Why study for an ABE qualification?

  • ABE is a market leader is the cost-effective provision of high quality business and management qualifications. These qualifications are not only highly valued in their own right but are also accepted by universities worldwide onto the latter stages of their degree programmes.
  • ABE programmes are available all over the world which means you can study in your own country and avoid the high cost of studying and living in the UK. Some of the progression agreements which ABE holds with universities also allow you to study in your country – giving you the chance to progress from ABE to a degree without leaving home.
  • ABE has an international network of over 50,000 students currently studying for an ABE qualification. We aim to support this network as much as possible and to allow our students to interact through online forums such as Facebook and Twitter as well as face-to-face at events such as alumni meetings and graduations.
  • ABE programmes allow you to study several areas of business management before deciding what you wish to specialise in. All ABE programmes share common units, giving you the flexibility to transfer if and when you desire, or obtain a second qualification.
  • Students receive certification awards at every stage of the programme, which means if your studies are discontinued (after attaining a particular level), you will still have a valuable and recognised qualification. Holders of certain other professional qualifications may gain exemptions from ABE Diploma subjects. Holders of an ABE qualification may gain subject exemptions in the examinations of other professional bodies.
  • ABE Level 6 Diploma/Level 6 Extended Diploma holders with relevant work experience can gain entry onto Masters or MBA programmes.

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