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English Language modules are fundamental components in many courses, and gradually more students take advantage of the opportunity to follow these modules. Language unit offers courses for professionals as well as the job seekers. As most of the students have completed their secondary education in their mother tongue, we feel that this will give them and prospect to get over the language barrier. Some modules focus on the achievement of a variety of skills such as speaking, writing, reading as well as listening. Thus, the language unit carrying out at each regional centre caters to enhance English knowledge which is part and carton in business. The main objective of the unit is to train the young generation to the competitive business world and empower them with aptitude in communicating in English. The program ranges from certificate till diploma levels. Language courses for the professionals help them to develop their competency in communicating in English and other foreign languages.

The functions of the Language Unit.

  • Guide students to select English programs which costume their needs
  • Gives special attention to weak students and arrange separate classes for them
  • Coach students to face interviews successfully
  • Helping them in writing cover letters and resumes

Our English Language Programs