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Diploma in English

Diploma in English course is designed to improve every aspect of your English. Each lesson has clear objectives that contribute to your overall progress and moves you closer to achieving your language goals. This two months course leads you towards the mastery of English beyond the limits.

In every class, lecturer will provide you with structured learning tasks and monitor your progress, providing you with feedback, correction and guidance to help you become better, more fluent and more confident when communicating in English. This Diploma in English will help to develop your confidence in language skills and encourage you to study better your future degree programs or professional qualification without any English barrier.

We ensure by the end of this course you will experience the difference in life of English.

Course Structure

  • Speaking skills for day today communication.
  • Grammar for speaking and writing skills.
  • Enrich your vocabulary through reading.
  • Writing skills for career purpose.
  • Listening for pronunciation and communication. Structured with monthly exams and assignments.

Course Modules

  • Word classes
  • Difference between American English and British English
  • Speaking with Modals
  • Fun with new vocabulary
  • Uses of tenses
  • Compositions
  • Letter writing
  • Presentations


  • 3 Months